Tough Question

Why were we born?  Why do we die?  Why though we try as hard as we can do we have a tough time getting through life?  Why does nothing go right no matter how hard one tries?

I ask myself those questions all the time.  I try to live a decent life, try to love others as I want them to love me, but it always seems the harder I try, the further back I fall.  The most asked question I ask myself is what is my purpose here?  I think we all have something we are supposed to accomplish while we are on this earth, but what is it, how do we find out?

I keep hoping that each day I move forward in my life, I get closer to the answer to those questions.  At my age, I would think I would know this already, but I don’t.  I have traveled the path most taken, I have taken the path not taken, still I find no answer to my questions.

I will continue this path to answers to my questions in hopes that some day I find the answers I seek.

Tough Questions


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