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Kiss and Taste

I kiss your sweet lips
They taste just like sweet candyI melt in your arms

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Tough Question

Why were we born?  Why do we die?  Why though we try as hard as we can do we have a tough time getting through life?  Why does nothing go right no matter how hard one tries?

I ask myself those questions all the time.  I try to live a decent life, try to love others as I want them to love me, but it always seems the harder I try, the further back I fall.  The most asked question I ask myself is what is my purpose here?  I think we all have something we are supposed to accomplish while we are on this earth, but what is it, how do we find out?

I keep hoping that each day I move forward in my life, I get closer to the answer to those questions.  At my age, I would think I would know this already, but I don’t.  I have traveled the path most taken, I have taken the path not taken, still I find no answer to my questions.

I will continue this path to answers to my questions in hopes that some day I find the answers I seek.

Tough Questions


What does it mean to miss something or someone.  Do you think back on your past and think about things that happened in your lifetime and realize you will never get that back?  I do quite frequently.  What do I miss the most?  My grandparents.  They were the backbone of my family.  My family fell apart soon after they passed away.  My family will never be the same again.  I miss the Christmases, the family gatherings, just spending time with them.  Now, there are no more Christmases, there are only arguments with family gatherings, I can only go to the grave site and spend time with them.  I miss those days.  That is something I will never get back again.